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      ( )1.A. straight B. prefer C. enough D. fall
      ( )2.A. low B. though C. knowledge D. sold
      ( )3.A. calm B. hall C. talk D. ball
      ( )4.A. already B. each C. league D. weak
      ( )5.A. produce B. true C. computer D. news
      ( )6. Are you sure you don‘t have _______ advice to give me? I really need _______.
      A. any; any B. some; any C. any; some D. any; some
      ( )7. When we saw his face, we knew _______ was bad.
      A. the news B. some news C. a news D. news
      ( )8. The number of students in our school ________.
      A. increased B. is increased C. has increased D. are increased
      ( )9. ________ your step, or you might fall into the water.
      A. See B. Watch C. Miss D. Look at
      ( )10. The meeting _______.
      A. is to put off B. is going to put off
      C. is to be put off D. will put off

     ( )11. Since the road is wet this morning, last night _______.
      A. it must be raining B. it must rain
      C. it must have rained D. it must have been rained
      ( )12. Nothing could stop _______.
      A. him come B. that the came
      C. him from coming D. him to come
      ( )13. The noise of desks _______ could be heard out in the street.
      A. opened and closed B. to be opened and closed
      C. being opened and closed D. having been opened and closed
      ( )14. The medicine will ______ you good.
      A. do B. save C. give D. help
      ( )15. A few years later, I found my hometown completely _______.
      A. changed B. changing C. to be changed D. to change
      ( )16. This novel is worthy of _______.
      A. reading B. read C. having read D. being read
      ( )17. It is very kind ______ see me.
      A. from you to B. as C. as if D. like that
      ( )18. It looks _______ it‘s going to rain.
      A. that B. as C. as if D. like that
      ( )19. The stone was so heavy that it was difficult for the old man to ______ it.
      A. lift B. reach C. rise D. touch
      ( )20. They lives ______ the other side of the road.
      A. in B. on C. for D. by

     ( )21. She can speak Japanese better than ________else.
      A. the one B. no one C. anyone D. another
      ( )22. This lesson is _______ than the last one.
      A. more easier B. more easy C. very easier D. much easier
      ( )23. Today‘s weather isn’t as cold as it was yesterday, ________?
      A. wasn‘t B. is it C. was it D. isn’t it
      ( )24. This book is for students ______ native language is not English.
      A. of whom B. that C. which D. whose
      ( )25. You may not go out _______ your work is done.
      A. before B. until C. where D. as
      ( )26. Look what Father_______ me when he came from work.
      A. brought B. took C. carried D. fetched
      ( )27. Nobody knew _______ there.
      A. how long time I had been B. how long had I been
      C. how long time had I been D. how long I had been
      ( )28. The harder he studies, _______.
      A. he‘ll make great progress B. the greater progress he’ll make
      C. he‘ll make greater progress D. the greater he’ll make progress
      ( )29. ________, I would have gone to see him.
      A. Have I had time B. Had I time
      C. Had I had time D. would I have had
      ( )30. He didn‘t go to France, the doctor suggested that he _______there.
      A. won‘t go B. not go C. not to go D. didn’t go

      I hand been sitting by myself in my usual compartment for at least ten minutes, waiting __31__. The trains from Littlebury never seemed to start __32__ and I often thought that I could have __33__ in bed a little longer or had __34__ cup of tea before __35__. Suddenly I heard someone shouting __36__ the platform outside. A young girl was running towards the train. The man __37__ put out his hand to stop her but she ran past him and opened the door of my compartment. Then the whistle blew and the train started.
      “I nearly missed it, __38__?” the girl said. “How long does it take to __39_ London?” “It depends on the __40__.” I said. “Some days it‘s __41__ others.”
      “I‘ll have to have my watch mended, __42__ late again tomorrow,” she said. “It’s my first day __43__ with a new firm today and they told me that the man __44__ is very strict. I __45__ him yet so I don‘t know __46__ but he sounds a bit frightening.”
      She talked about her new job __47__ the way to London and before long, I realized that she was going to work for my firm. My __48__ secretary had just left so I must be her new boss. __49__ only fair to tell her.
      “Oh, dear,” she said. “__50__ mistake! I wish I had known.”
      “Never mind,” I said. “At least you‘ll know when your train’s late that mine will be, too.”
      ( )31.A. the train to start B. for the train start
      C. the train‘s start D. for the train to start
      ( )32.A. on their hour B. on time C. at their hour D. at time
      ( )33.A. lain B. laid C. lied D. lay
      ( )34.A. other B. some other C. another D. one other
      ( )35.A. I had left the home B. leave from home
      C. leaving home D. to leave home
      ( )36.A. at B. by C. in D. on
      ( )37.A. at place B. on duty C. for control D. in post
      ( )38.A. haven‘t I B. don’t I C. wasn‘t I D. didn’t I
      ( )39.A. get to B. arrive to C. reach to D. make to
      ( )40.A. driver to the engine B. driver engine
      C. engineer‘s driver D. engine driver

     ( )41.A. far slower that B. much slower than
      C. a lot more slow than D. a great deal more slow that
      ( )42.A. in order not be B. so as not to be
      C. for not being D. so that it‘s not
      ( )43.A. at job B. in job C. in work D. at work
      ( )44.A. I‘m going to work for B. what I’m going to work for
      C. for which I‘m going to work D. which I’m going to work for
      ( )45.A. didn‘t meet B. haven’t met C. didn‘t know D. haven’t known
      ( )46.A. what he is like B. what is he like
      C. how he is D. how is he
      ( )47.A. through B. by C. on D. in
      ( )48.A. proper B. own C. same D. self
      ( )49.A. There was B. That was C. It was D. Was
      ( )50.A. What a terrible B. What terrible C. How terrible D. So terrible a

      Jimmy was five years old and his brother, Billy, was only a baby. One morning his mother waited for an important telephone call for hours, but nobody called. There was no bread in the house and she had to go out to buy some. Jimmy stayed at home to look after the baby. When the mother was out, the telephone rang and Jimmy answered.
      Mr. Baker:Hello! May I speak to Mrs. White?
      Jimmy:Sorry, Mother is out.
      Mr. Baker:Well, when she comes back, say to her, “Mr. Baker called.”
      Mr. Baker:Mr. Baker. Write it down. B-A-K-E-R.
      Jimmy:How do you write B?
      Mr. Baker:How do I write…? Listen, little boy, is there anybody else with you? Any brothers or sisters?
      Jimmy:Yes, my brother Billy is here.
      Mr. Baker:Good. I want to talk to him, please.
      Jimmy:All right. Jimmy took the telephone to the baby‘s bed and put it beside its head. Not long after that his mother came back.
      Mother:Did anybody call?
      Jimmy:Yes, a man called. But he only wanted to talk to Billy.
      ( )51. Jimmy‘s mother waited for ________.
      A. an important man B. a good friend
      C. a telephone call D. a piece of good news
      ( )52. Jimmy‘s mother went out because ________.
      A. she waited for hours B. nobody called
      C. she had to buy some bread D. she had to buy some milk
      ( )53. Jimmy couldn‘t write down Mr. Baker’s name because ________.
      A. he had no pen or paper B. he couldn‘t read or write
      C. he had to look after the baby D. he had to play with his brother
      ( )54. Mr. Baker wanted to talk to ________.
      A. a child older than Jimmy B. a child younger than Jimmy
      C. Jimmy‘s brother Billy D. Jimmy’s sister Betty

      Scientists have searched for many years for a method to tell whether a volcano(火山)explosion will be small or large. Now,four scientists say they have discovered something in lava(熔巖)that will help do this. They did the research on Mount Unzen on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.
      Mount Unzen exploded in November,1990. Since then,more explosions have killed 43 people and destroyed the homes of more than 2,000 others. The volcano is still active today.
      The scientists say the lava of the volcano contains high level of an element(成份),which is a sign of the presence of the lava from deep in the earth,not from the surface. They say it shows that the lava coming directly from inside the earth is connected with huge explosions instead of smaller ones.
      The scientists examined the lava from 18 explosions of Mount Unzen that took place during many thousands of years. They also studied the lava from other volcanoes in the area that are older than Mount Unzen. The lava studied came from both large and small explosions. The scientists found that large explosions contained more of the element than small ones. The scientists say if they had known this two years earlier,they could have warned the people living in the area near Mount Unzen and saved many lives.
      ( )55. From the passage we learn that Mount Unzen is the name of ______.
      A.a huge volcano explosion
      B.a Japanese island
      C.an active volcano
      D.a kind of lava
      ( )56.The four scientists discovered that the level of the element contained in the lava could tell ______.
      A.the degree of a volcano explosion
      B.the place of a possible explosion
      C.the number of volcano explosions
      D.the time of a possible explosion
      ( )57. The research of the four scientists was based on ______.
      A.the lava that caused explosions
      B.the presence of the lava from the surface
      C.the damages caused by the 1990 explosion
      D.the lava from different explosions in the area

      Have you ever argued with your loved ones over simple misunderstandings(誤解)?Little wonder. We often believe we're more skillful in getting our point across than we actually are,according to Boza Keysar,a professor at the University of Chicago. In his recent study,speakers tried to express their meanings using unclear sentences. Speakers who thought listeners understood were wrong nearly half the time. Here‘s some good advice to reduce misunderstanding:
      (1)Don't trust what you see from the listener. Listeners often nod,look at you or say“uhhuh”to be polite or move the conversation along. But it‘s easy to consider these as signs of understanding.
      (2)Train the editor(編輯)in your head. If you say,“Beth discusses her problems with her husband,”it's not clear whether she‘s talking to her husband or about him. Try instead,“Beth talks to her husband about her problems.”or“Beth talks to others about the problems with her husband.”
      (3)Ask listeners to repeat your message. Introduce your request by saying“I want to be sure I said that right.”Questions like“How does that sound?”or“Does that make sense?”may also work.
      (4)Listen well. When on the receiving end,ask questions to be sure you're on the same page. After all,it isn‘t just the speaker's job to make his speech understood.
      ( )58.Why does the writer give us the advice?
      A.We're not skillful enough to make clear sentence
      B.Misunderstanding is damaging our normal live
      C.Misunderstanding occurs now and the
      D.It's impolite to say NO to other
      ( )59 The writer suggests that when talking to others,the speaker should ______.
      A.know that listeners will show him that they understand his words
      B.express himself clearly even when he sees signs of understanding
      C.notice listener's signs of understanding
      D.look directly into his listener's eyes
      ( )60. By Train the editor in your head,the speakers are advised _______.
      A.to get themselves trained by a good editor
      B.to discuss problems with their husbands or wives
      C.to express themselves in long but simple sentences
      D.to make sure each sentence has only one meaning
      ( )61 In the last paragraph,the words you're on the same page mean that ______.
      A.you're following the speakers closely
      B.you're reading the same page as the speaker does
      C.you should know which page the speaker refers to
      D.your story is written on the same page as the speaker's

      While acting may run in the family,it wasn't Angelina Jolie's only choice when thinking about her future. Although Jolie has studied her craft(技藝)since childhood,at one point the 26-year-old,who stars this month in Tomb Raider with her father,actor John Voight,wanted to be a funeral(殯葬)director.“I thought that the crossing over could be a beautiful thing and a time of comfort when people could reach out to each other.”
      Tradition(傳統)is always attractive and interesting to Jolie,who moved with her mother,Marcheline Bertand,and brother after her parents separated when she was two.“I never had one home. I never had an attic(閣樓)that had old things in it. We always moved,so I was never rooted anywhere. And I always dreamed of having that attic of things that I could go back and have a look. I'm very drawn to some things that are tradition,that are roots,and I think that may be why I paid such special attention to funerals.”
      Finally,she chose acting.“Following in my father's footsteps,”she says,“is an interesting thing,because I think we speak to each other through our work. You don't really know your parents in a certain way,and they don't really know you. So he can watch a film and see how I am as a woman,the way I’m dealing with a husband who's been hurt,or the way I'm crying alone.”
      “And it's the same for me:I can watch films of his and just see who he is. I've learned to understand him as a person.”
      ( )62 The passage is about a woman who _______.
      A.was once a funeral director
      B.is the leading actress in Tomb Raider
      C.wants an attic to live in
      D.was hurt by her husband
      ( )63 Which of the following can best support Tradition is always attractive and interesting to Jolie?
      A.Jolie longed to have old things from her childhoo
      B.Having more than one home is always interesting to Joli
      C.Jolie's parents separated when she was very youn
      D.Tradition is always rooted somewher
      ( )64 The words Following in my father's footsteps most probably mean ______.
      A.listening to my father's advice
      B.taking my father as an example
      C.walking after my father
      D.looking for my father's footsteps
      ( )65. Angelina Jolie finally chose acting because she thought she and her father could _______.
      A.work together several months a year
      B.bring into memory what happened in the past
      C.pay attention to things they are interested in
      D.get to know each other through their films

      Chinese :________66__________?
      American:Yes, this morning. At about 9 o‘clock.
      Chinese :________67__________?
      American:By plane first and then by train. It took me more than 30 hours altogether.
      Chinese :________68__________?
      American:Yes, very much. It‘s pleasant, especially the part on the train.
      Chinese :________69__________?
      American:Yes, a little, but not very much. And now I‘m feeling better after a nap.
      Chinese :________70__________?
      American:At the Grand Hotel, in the center of the city.
      Chinese :Oh, that‘s a nice hotel. Have a good sleep tonight. I’ll come and see you tomorrow.
      66.答案:Did you arrive today
      67.答案:How did you get here
      68.答案:Did you enjoy your journey
      69.答案:Do you feel tired after the long journey
      70.答案:Where are you staying
      71.提示:假設你是麗娜,光明中學的學生,你給你的好友小華寫信講述你的美國之行。內容包括:先去了紐約,看到許多摩天大樓,但看不到世貿大廈了;兩天后去了洛杉磯(Los Angeles),參觀了好萊塢,游了迪斯尼樂園;還去了內華達(Nevada)的里諾(Reno),游了風景優美的大滬(Dahu)湖;
      答案:Guangming Middle School
      No. 273, Xinjiang Road, 400537
      Helan District, Binhai, China
      July 15, 2002
      Dear Xiao Hua,
      I have just come back from a trip to the United States. I had a very good time there.
      I first went to New York. It is really a very big city. I saw quite many skyscrapers there. But the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are no more to be seen.
      Two days later I went to Los Angeles. I visited Hollywood on the day I got there. After that I spent a whole day in Disneyland. It is really a wonderful place you shouldn‘t miss.
      I also went to Reno, Nevada. There is a beautiful lake named Dahu. The scenery there is beautiful!
      I hope you will take a trip to the United States some day.