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    Welcome to North Road Medical Centre!We are open from 8    : 30 a . m. until 6 P    . m. Monday to

    Fri   .  day . Appointments(    預 約 )with    the    doctors    and    nurses    are    acceptable    both    morning    

    afternoon    .Howev— er ,a same-day  appointment    maynot   necessarily    be with   your   usual   doctor   .

    may be seen by any member of the team    .

    If    you decide   to  register(    注冊 )with    us,please   speak  to  one of   our  receptionists(    接診員 )

    will need to complete a registration form    . Each new patient is asked to answer some medical

    questions   . You should also make an appointment to see one of the nurses for a health check soon

    after registerin9    . There is sometimes a delay in handing over medical records from your earlier

    doctor   , and this appointment gives us valuable information about your health    .

    The Out of Hours Service is reachable from 6    : 30 P . m. until 8 a    . m. Monday to Friday    ;

    at weekends from 6    : 30 P . m. Friday t0 8 a    . m. Monday. Telephone 0845   —345— 8995 to talk to the

    Out of Hours Serv    — ice  . They will have a doctor get in touch with you    .

    For medical advice    , you can call NHS Direct(24 hours)on 0845    — 4647 0r through the Internet

    at www . nhsdirect    . nhs . com. You can always get advice over the telephone    .

    If you are too ill to come to the medical centre    , You can ask for a home Visit over the

    telephone.Most    visits    by doctors    are   made between12   noon and  3 P.m. If    you  are  able   to   phone

    11a.m。 ,this helps us to plan the day    .

    40. What can be learnt from paragraph 1?

    A .The centre opens all week round    .

    B .Doctors and nurses work six hours a day.

    C. Appointments are not accepted in the afternoon.

    D .A same-day appointment may not be with the usual doctor

    4 1 . What is a new patient advised to do alter registration?

    A. Take a health check    .

    B.    Hand over medical records    ?

    C    . Ask some medical questions    .

    D    . Complete an information form    .

    42. If you need the help of the Out of Hours Service    ,you may ——.

    A. call 0845    — 345— 8995    B    . telephone 0845 4647    .

    C    . get in touch with a doctor  D    .visit the NHS Direct website

    43. When do most doctors go for a home visit?

    A    . Before 11 a.m    .    B    .From 6 :30 P.m .t0 8 a.m    .

    C    . From 8 : 30 a.m . t0  6 P.m    . D.Between 12 noon and 3 P.m    .


    In    2008, the   United    States    Department    of  Agriculture(USDA)wanted    to  know if    all    the   school

    lun-ches served to students were healthy    .The answer was a bi9    , fat NO!

    The    USDAfound   that    most  American   schools    served    lunches    with    too   much fat    and  salt   .They

    also found that most of the fruits and vegetables in the lunches came from cans(    罐頭 ) .Canned

    fruits and vege    — tables are not as good as fresh ones    .

    The    USDAgives    schools    food   and money to  make lunches  .But  schools    makeup their    own menus.Some

    make healthy    lunches  .Most do not .Nowthe  USDAwants  all    schools    to  serve   more healthy    lunches  .They

    want schools to follow the USDA    ’s guidelines for balanced(    均衡 )meals .

    Mike Sanders    , in charge of the USDA in 2008    , said the USDA should teach school workers how

    to   make healthier    lunches  .“ A good  school    lunch    is    just    as  important    as  a  good  textbook   ,” Sanders

    said  . He said that children also need to learn about healthy foods    .

    The USDA is working on a new program--Fresh Start    . It will give schools more fresh fruits

    and vegeta-bles    . Fresh  Start    will    also   help   schools    change  their    lunches   to   make them healthier    . To

    find    the   best   way to  change    lunches  ,the   USDAheld   meetings   with   parents   ,school    leaders   ,doctors   ,

    and cooks  .

    Children    already    eat   healthy    lunches    at   Chief    Joseph   School   in   North   Saratoga  , Oregon. They

    have whole  . wheat bread with low-fat cheese    . and low-fat milk    .

    44. What did the USDA find about lunches in most American schools in 2008 7

    A. They were mostly fruits and vegetables    .

    B . They contained too much fat and salt    .

    C. Most of them were canned food    .

    D. Most of them were healthy    .

    45. What are schools required to do to make the lunches healthy?

    A. Provide balanced meals.     B.Make up new guidelines    .

    C. Design their own menus     D. Cook with more vegetables    .

    46. What was Mike Sanders?

    A. An office secretary    .      B. A school headmaster    .

    C. The head of the USDA    .D. The director of Fresh Start    .

    47. What is the goal of the Fresh Start program?

    A. Selling fresh fruits and vegetables    .    B. Employing good cooks for schools    .

    C.Helping improVe the school lunches    .    D. Finding a better way to talk with parents


    Magic(   魔法 )often forces US not to believe our own eyes or even appears to be breaking the

    laws of physics or nature! The word    “ magic ” has many different meanings    . When a bird appears in

    a hat or when someone declares that he could see into the future--both can be called magic    . When

    a sick person sudden-1y becomes well or a well person(or eVen animal)becomes ill, magic is the

    cause . The  British    author    Terry    Pratchett    uses  magic   a  great    deal    in   his    popular    Discworld    series

    of books   .

    Magic has alwaYs been used for fun    . People enjoy working out in which cup the little ball

    is or how he knows which card l was thinking of    . Harry Houdini was one of the first world-famous

    magicians  — famous for    escaping    from  deadly    situations    .Recently    David   Copperfield    ,or  David  Blane ,

    has become very popular for his    “ unbelievable abilities    ”, such as making the Statue of Liberty

    disappear or rise    .

    Magical rings and three    — headed dogs may not be real    ,but does this mean nothing magical

    really ex    — ists? Can you always explain how the magician has done the card trick? Maybe it is

    better not to explain    , but to leave a little magic in our lives    . Pick a card    . any card   ...

    48? The author explains what magic is in paragraph 1 by    .

    A. using examples

    B  . giving causes and effects

    C  . 1isting the time of magical events

    D  . comparing a healthy person with a sick one

    49. Who is mentioned as a great escape artist?

    A. David Blane         B. Harry Houdini    .

    C. Terry Pratchett     D. David Copperfield

    50 . What does the author think of magic?

    A .It changes our lives        B. It provides people with fun    .

    C .It breaks the laws of physics    D. It explains strange things in our lives    .


    五、補全對話(共    5 句;每句滿分為    3 分,共   15 分。)



    提示: Peter   給  Johnson  教授打電話請病假,接電話的是教授的助手    Sally   。

    (Peter=P    ;Sally=S)

    P: Hello!This is Peter speaking    .   May I speak to Professor Johnson 5 1    , please?

    S:I ’msorry   .Professor    Johnson  is   not   here  at  the  moment. This   is   his   assistant    ,Sally   .   May

    I help you  52    ?

    P: Yes. Please tell the professor that l    ’ d like to ask for sick leave for tomorrow    .

    S: Sorry to hear that    . May I ask    what    ’ s the matter 53    with you?

    P: I ’m running a fever    . I ’ ve caught a cold    .

    S: Oh,   is it serious54  ?

    P: N0, not very serious    , but the doctor told me to stay in bed and have a good rest    .

    S: I see   . I ’ 11  tell Professor Johnson 55  as soon as he comes back    .

    P: Thank you  .Goodbye!